Collection Suit Defense

If you are being sued for a debt, you need competent legal representation, regardless of the merit of the lawsuit.

Do you have a debt in collection? You are not alone.

The Best Debt Defense Is A Good Offense

If you have been sued over debt and you will receive a summons to appear in court. Neglecting to appear will likely result in a default judgment against you. If an answer is not correctly filed in a timely manner according to state or federal courts, that means you automatically lose the lawsuit. Once a creditor gets a judgment against you, they can do a number of things that will hurt your finances, including:

  • Wage garnishment – In the State of Missouri, the creditor can get the court to issue an order to your employer to send up to 25% of your gross income directly to them.
  • Levies – Creditors can also freeze the funds in your bank account and transfer the money to themselves.
  • Judgement liens – Judgments place a lien on your real estate, which will encumber your real estate if you want to move or sell it. This lien, like all other judgments, can accrue interest over time.

Doing nothing can cost you and your family dearly. This is why you need an advocate on your side. Someone that understands the court system and your legal rights in regards to debt collection and can be your advocate throughout the lawsuit process.

Are you under constant harassment by collections?

We will be your advocate if you are sued or if the collections companies take things too far.

What To Do If You Are Sued

If you are served with a lawsuit or anything else by a collections agency or original creditor for credit card debt, medical debt, or debt from personal or payday loans, you need trustworthy legal advice. The very first thing you should do is obtain competent legal counsel. This is where Toscano & Wilson can help.

Your creditors have not necessarily followed the law in pursuing the debt they allege that you owe them.  Either through negligence or ignorance, many debt collectors don’t follow the law, nor are all creditor lawsuits successful. You have a right to deny the allegations and demand that the creditor provide proof that the debt is valid, and that you as a debtor had defaulted on your debt. The lawsuit could be without merit, the debt may have been paid, the lawsuit may belong to someone else, the debt itself is beyond the statute of limitations, or the debt collector does not have jurisdiction or the right to bring the case.

The worst thing you can do is to ignore a lawsuit, Toscano & Wilson can help you defend your family and your assets from debt collectors and lawsuits.

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The legal experts at Toscano & Wilson understand what you are going through. Bankruptcy may seem like the end, but the truth is it is simply a new beginning. Through competent and compassionate legal representation with Toscano & Wilson, things can only get better. Give us a call, tell us your story, and start to feel better about your financial situation.

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